Billee™ The Goat - Teether Toy Collection

Made with rubber from the hevea tree, meeno babies® presents a collection of the first ever all-natural BPA free teether toys. Perfect for soothing the sore gums of your teething baby. The bright colors that provide stimulation are PAINT FREE!

Safety Components - Meeno Babies presents a collection of their first ever all-natural teether toys. Safety tested in over 25 categories in the EU, Canada, and USA!

  • BPA Free, Phthalate Free, and PAINT FREE
  • The bright pastel colors that provide stimulation are PAINT FREE - The color is added in the pigment of the teether toy (much like a toothbrush).


Clean before use. For best results, wipe with damp cloth, and air-dry. Do not sterilize.


Natural Latex Rubber from the Hevea tree and conforms to safety standards ASTM F963